Community Members

Information You Need to Know

The mission of the Newark Police Division is to enforce the New Jersey State Criminal laws and to protect the community that we serve and not the enforcement of Immigration Laws.

  1. Newark Police Officers should not ask any community member for their green card or immigration status, except as required by law when an arrest is being made for a serious crime or for driving while intoxicated. If any officer requests information about a person’s immigration status during the general course of the officer’s duties, this behavior can and should be immediately reported. Methods of reporting:
    • Office of Professional Standards 494 Broad Street (973)733-6171
    • Newark Police Website
    • By downloading and utilizing the Newark Police Division Mobile App
    • At any police facility
  2. Any community member can make a complaint against a law enforcement officer anonymously. The Newark Police Division accepts all anonymous complaints and investigates them to the extent possible; we encourage community members to provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the complaint.
  3. Whenever a person is not in a police uniform and presents themselves as a member of a law enforcement agency, you have the right to request identification. Do not accept only a badge as proof of identification, request an identification card or for a supervisor to respond to the location.
  4. Community members are also reminded that many reports can be completed by visiting our website, or by downloading our Mobile App, or by the Telephone Reporting System (973-733-6000).

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