Thursday, February 02,2023 03:52 AM

The Newark Police Division’s Communications Division/ 911 Call Center is expanding its Telephone Reporting Unit to process reports for non-emergencies.

A marked patrol unit will be dispatched to calls for service that cannot be processed by the Telephone Reporting Unit. This unit can process the following incidents without the need to dispatch a marked patrol unit:

  • Criminal mischief
  • Simple assault
  • Theft
  • Lost property
  • Fraud
  • Harassment (except Bias incident)
  • Threatening life report

Domestic violence related reports will not be processed via the Telephone Reporting Unit. Anyone seeking police service for a non-emergency shall continue to call 973-733-6000 and to call 911 in an emergency. Online reporting is also available via the “Need to File a Report” tab here on the Newark Police Division website.

The public is urged against posting false information on social media regarding the presence of the coronavirus in the City of Newark.

“Any false reporting of the coronavirus in our city will result in criminal prosecution,” Public Safety Director Ambrose said. “We are putting forth every investigative effort to identify anyone making false allegations on social media to ensure that any posted misinformation is immediately addressed.”

Director Ambrose adds that misleading information on social media may cause an unnecessary public alarm.

“The State of New Jersey has laws regarding causing a false public alarm and we will enforce those laws,” Ambrose said. “Individuals who make any false or baseless reports about the coronavirus in Newark can set off a domino effect that can result in injury to residents and visitors and affect schools, houses of worship, businesses and entire neighborhoods,” he added.