Thursday, February 02,2023 03:20 AM

Drivers urged to refrain from leaving their vehicles running and unattended

Newark Police Director Anthony F. Ambrose urges drivers to refrain from leaving their vehicles running and unattended

Some 300 cars were stolen last year when drivers left them unattended and running.

“That’s nearly 25 percent of all stolen cars,” Ambrose said. “Residents who leave their cars idling for heat or to cool need to end this practice if your vehicle is left unsecured. This is creating a hazard for the car owner and for the community as a whole.”

Vehicle owners are advised to follow the below pictured precautions to prevent vehicular crimes.

Even 6-year old Liyah S., winner of the Department of Public Safety’s poster contest, can show through her artwork her love for the City of Newark and that “idling gets you nowhere.”

The Newark Department of Public Safety has created the attached informational pamphlet regarding domestic violence prevention and intervention.

This pamphlet contains a wide variety of services offered by the City of Newark to assist domestic violence victims. Listed services are also offered by local private, county and state partners.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please make use of this information or share it as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to prevent re-victimization and to break the cycle of abuse.