Tuesday, March 21,2023 08:55 PM
Captain Richard Casale
Commanding Officer
Richard Casale
Executive Officer

Duties & Responsibilities

This Division is responsible for providing highly trained, specialized response services for the Division. This Division is also responsible for maintaining the Emergency Operations Manual. The Emergency Services Division is responsible for the following organizational components:

  • Emergency Services Unit -This Section provides specialized equipment and services to the Division. Part of the Section consists of a specially trained tactical team which is deployed for high- risk incidents including barricaded persons, armed individuals, and other tactical incidents. The Section also provides bomb technicians for explosive ordnance investigations and disposal.
  • Aviation Unit - This Unit provides helicopter patrols over the City and aids officers by providing surveillance during events and searches.
  • Marine Unit - This Unit enables the Division to patrol and conduct search and rescue operations in and around the waterways surrounding the City.


Emergency Services Division

472 Orange Street
Newark, NJ 07107
(973) 733-6050